Masculinity: Be free from guilt

By Jerr Rrej

Before we begin our discussion let us define what guilt means. It means a heavy internal burden over a disconnect between action and identity. An uneasy emotion that gnaws away at us because we feel bad over our behavior.

Guilt is not a bad thing by in large but only becomes a problem when a man does not use the anxiety for his best interests. If a man feels guilt, he must ask himself why and he must make sense of the feeling. After he makes sense, he should move himself to positive action.

A man who perpetually holds onto guilt is a man who would rather sit in self-pity than make a change. This is a form of impotence of power. A man is forever in change and can reform himself into whatever image he desires. Even if a man is a real killer, he can redeem himself.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity.


And even if the world turns its back on a man, he still has himself and that is enough. Never give up on self. Figure out a rebirth and let go of the previous body of trauma. Let it go and be free. Be free from the uneasy emotions that twist and turn. We need strong men nowadays.

Sometimes a man can feel overly guilty because he is in the feminine frame of authority and has high emotion. This emotional state will be exploited by women who control men with guilt and shame tactics. Dominant women use guilt for manipulation purposes.

The more emotional a man allows himself to be the greater the effect that his woman’s shame tactics will have over him. Inside a feminist home is a guilty man who is perpetually ashamed of himself. This is weakness and foolishness.

Learn a lesson from guilt and let it go. Do not let sour emotion hurt the body. This causes unnecessary trauma to the organism of self. Love yourself and keep the body full of feelings of belief. Fill your earthly vessel with self-love before your flower bends low.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks .

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.