Masculinity: Does a man need to fuck a woman good?

Before we go into discussion on this topic, let us define what “fucking a woman good” means. This means to bring a woman to orgasm. This is different based on the woman. Some women can orgasm quickly while others take a while to orgasm.

Does a man need to worry about bringing a woman to orgasm? First. Why would a man care about bringing a woman to orgasm? Most guys on Twitter will talk about “Fucking a woman good” in order to secure her loyalty. This thinking comes from a place of fear of loss.

When a man is fearing the loss of his woman, he is projecting weakness and is under her frame of authority. Feminists make a big deal out of female pleasure during sex (And especially men performing oral sex) because they view themselves as dom over sub men.

The Wall Speaks book is about masculine frame, it teaches how to live with one woman. Frame is not about promiscuity. – Ekoroi

The more a man worries himself with pleasing a woman the more of a “Nice guy” he becomes. Do women like “Nice guys”? No. They want men who are selfish and concerned with their own pleasure. And a man who doesn’t concern himself with female pleasure is a man who pleases a woman.

“But Jerr, his is asshole behavior” a man may be thinking. Yes, it is. And this is exactly the behavior that projects to a woman that a man is focused on his own singular pleasure which allows her to ride along on that wave. Women get pleasure THROUGH men getting pleasure.

Does a man need to make a woman orgasm to secure her loyalty? NO. Just make sure she gets wet for you and do not worry about female orgasms. Finish before she finishes. And if she gets upset. It will fuel her indignation over that selfish act which will spin her mental gears.

A framed man fucks exactly how long he wants to fuck. “Fucking a woman real-good” is weak talk. Just fuck her and do not worry about being good. This is frame. Your pleasure is all there is. Her pleasure is secondary and if she orgasms, that is fine.

Jerr Rrej is the author of The Wall Speaks.

The Wall Speaks is an easy to read guide on learning masculine frame.