Fades and silhouette

Life has so many teachers,

A million feelings,

But the body, restricted to the core.


They say the spirit is free,

Yet, nothing is original as soon as it is named.


Don’t mention it.


Preserve the sanctity of the one God!


Infinity is emptiness,

It is nothingness

It is silence

The three best teachers,

None can teach better than these.

Embrace them with your soul.




Everyone considers what they think as reality,

No doubt.

It is as it is

Reality are shadows of thoughts.


Truth in essence is that which is part of consciousness in a person.


Do you copy?


Are you lost?

Dig this.

In your thinking, when everything is still,

that’s you.

Do you think about loss or abundance?

Do you even see anything?


Feelings of emptiness are great friends.