Operation: make food useless, increase disease, murder them

The greatest lie that has ever been pulled on Kenyans is that carbohydrates are good and proteins make one fat.

This, even as I write is a grave blasphemy to tell a Kenyan that they don’t need that Ugali that much and that eating more than once in one day is not good for your health.

It’ll take a lot of discipline to change ones eating ways, but everybody with their lives, continue dying easily in diseases and pain.

In this space of poison our foods, there’s something simple and yet also complex

Food and pharmaceutical industry work hand in hand.

People must get sick for a hospital to function or even exist.

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This is all in the glorious old-world economy so-called Gross Domestic Product. Where, as wars are fought, as many people go to a hospital, then the GDP improves and the elite can sit back, sip on champagne and say ‘the economy is doing well’.

But innately, this is not how a natural human being should feel. Innately, you dream of a better, peaceful, disease-free world. But shock on you, it has always never been about your welfare.

People like Bill Gates go to great lengths to mandate such poisonous culture to exist as law.

In the USA and Canada, Mr Gates has bought huge chunks of land so as to control what the world eats.

We don’t need Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) for food, we certainly don’t need artificial meet. But these, you are lied to will solve the problem of hunger.

A conspiracy theory can be conspiracy fact. Conspiracy theory is resistance! – Ekoroi

You believe this lie and others in this space because they’ve thrown in words such as technology, Futuristic and science.

You don’t question it because you are hooked to living in cities where the microwave, indomie and sossy, quick foods rule your life.

You are hooked to sugar and when it goes low, you want the nearest source of it to feel good.


Please change.

You don’t need food three times a day.

You need proteins, true proteins such as eggs and meat from naturally born and bred animals

You don’t need seed oil, you do well with animal fat.

You certainly, don’t need artificial sweeteners or sugar at all.

You need to unlearn, to relearn.

Some things are obvious, you just need to question everything.

Large agenda

The bigger agenda in all the poisoning lies in cheap science is geared towards cheating your brain and soul out of the true nature of your human beingness.

Mosanto, now Bayer has the best scientists, but their pesticides kill bees.

We don’t need much of the additives in floor.

Satan doesn’t exist, but if HeShe does, then these scientists, doctors, policymakers and billionaires pushing for you to eat seed oils, go to war and stay on a wrong trajectory as humans are the Satanists.

However, ultimately, you do your own research!.

Am working towards a beautiful heavenly world that is balanced.

I Out


This is a conspiracy theory and is intended for creating a new world of authoritarianism or freedom. It is also intended to stir debate.