Operation: make them poor

Poverty is a tool for control and in the current world, this is exploited to make few people rich and the masses very subservient.

The COVID-19 crisis has presented govt with a greater tool for oppression than ever before.

The argument that I have is that as time goes, naturally, human beings become more aware of the reality of their existence and as such might become not easily lied to. So in order to put more control on these waking masses, one has to use the tools of material reality that have been in existence since.

In many cases, money is used to control.

Everything is given free by nature, but because of the current capitalism, we have to buy even water.

Best medicine is out of reach even though some were funded by the government.

But as soon as 10 years pass and people are beginning to get comfortable in their improving awareness, something must be done to reset that progress.

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It sometimes takes the form of collapsing the financial markets, inflation through printing of large sums of fiat currency, or war.

In all the above forms, may casualties emerge.

Many people lose livelihoods in collapsed stock markets, which wipe pensions, bonds, housing markets, etc

Printing large sums of money often follows the above ad it renders savings useless, sometimes even whole banks are collapsed.

In war, people don’t have time to read, cultivate crops or improve on their humanity. It is also in a war where some are abducted and used for experiments, many are poisoned and forever rendered useless.

In the above scenarios, the powers that be often create a scapegoat and empty promises of a better future.

In the covid-19 pandemic, it is easy to see how govt is quick to print useless ash to give to people, in what is becoming a welfare state which has the danger of making populations lazy and subservient.

The poverty that is being created by the COVID-19 pandemic is immense and when you are poor, you don’t have time for study, improving on one’s health, as one will always eat what is presented, not the best options and also populations decrease as this place is so hard, no need of bringing forth children.

Trees perform three major climate functions: They absorb carbon, which they pull from the atmosphere, creating a cooling effect; their dark green leaves absorb light from the sun, heating Earth’s surface; and they draw water from the soil, which evaporates into the atmosphere, creating low clouds that reflect the sun’s hot rays (a mechanism known as evapotranspiration that also leads to cooling).  – Scientific American


Greed is highly blinding.

Nairobi, the capital city and the economic powerhouse of Kenya is being scarred and made ugly for some other private cities such as Northlands to prosper.

They are cutting down trees to replace them with concrete.

The danger is in the future heatwaves and diseases that will or might render this place uninhabitable.

Jobs are flying to the places due to stupid concepts such as minimum tax, high electric bills, lies through the world bank ease of doing business and too many business licenses and fees.

Poverty is being created in Kenya so that they can continue to perpetuate cheap labor for corporates.


This is a conspiracy theory and is intended for creating a new world of authoritarianism or freedom. It is also intended to stire debate.