Attention Safaricom: The future of money should not involve theft

Over the past few weeks, Safaricom has ramped up its social media presence.

It is like a rebirth after its chief social media PR group had sunk with the WPP Scan Group fiasco.

The thieving Telco is back and has hired some other guys, mostly re-hired the ones who were under the scandalous Bharat Thakrar-founded firm.

The messaging mostly centers around MPESA with the new tagline ‘The Future of Money’.

Also, the pacifying tool that is BLAZE Be Your Own Boss is also being trended at least biweekly.

Safaricom nowadays conducts Spaces on Twitter. Lol.

However, yesterday was where I had to comment on. The Telco run a hashtag #TheFutureOfMoneySpaces where they discussed MPESA and its future.

Have you ever noticed that since they launched the MPESA app, those that have smartphone but still use STK have been bared from ‘searching’ for names of those they want to send money to?

Yes, that process jumps to insert phone number, unlike before.

It is all in the scheme of trying to force all smartphone users to download the shady MPESA app on their phones.

But I digress.

In the showmanship, and showing its might, flexing its muscle. Sometimes in August, despite a court order not to use MPESA Bill Manager, a utility model that is stolen from Kibo Capital Group Limited, Safaricom run the hashtag selling the stolen utility model.

Anyways, all Ekoroi wanted to say is.

The future of money should not involve theft


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