Kazi si Kazi: Dismantling DP Ruto’s hustler narrative

Do not elect a person who has decided you will never amount to anything.

Deputy President William Ruto has spread a narrative all over Kenya that you should be content with amounting to nothing in your future, that you should neither hope nor pursue happiness.

I found the tweets of Twitter User Disembe explaining the fallacy of this dangerous hustler narrative better.

Shared below

Kazi si KAZI. Millicent Omanga, confessed to have been hawking bedsheets before her phone rung. On the other end was Davis Chirchir, CS for Energy. Girl was told Ruto had appointed her KENGEN Director. She threw the bedsheets & duvets away. Never gone back to Muthurwa.

KAZI si Kazi Some JOBS come with medical insurance. Some JOBS come with over 10-20 allowances Some JOBS come with mortgage facilities. Some JOBS come with career progression scholarships in & out of the country. Others, just you and your penis (to pee by the roadside)

Kazi si KAZI. Dennis Itumbi, nobody really prior to 2012. No known work. Bogonko was a better blogger, with relatable career. Itumbi got picked by Uhuru somewhere in Uthiru. 5 year stint in gvt, as a DIRECTOR (snr job group) Became somebody. Never gone back to Uthiru

KAZI si Kazi. Do not elect a person who has decided you will never amount to anything. And your children will never amount to anything. Governments implement the thinking of leaders of government. Insist these leaders THINK properly, first. Be responsible.

Miguna Miguna acquired his Runda meadows home while working for government. Prior to that, he lived in Eastlands. Government jobs. Decent government jobs. Let no one make you believe KAZI ni kazi. Some jobs makes you change “area code”. Others, NO.

Kazi si Kazi A daughter of a prominent politician became a diplomat. A government employee. Out there she met the son of a Nigerian oligarch. Let’s ensure we elect people who will ensure the daughter of the boda boda man & mama mboga has a chance too. Real chance.

KAZI si Kazi A judge had Ksh700,000 in his chambers. Whether it was proceed of graft or not, let’s assume it wasn’t. Asked what it was for, he said it was school fees for his child studying in Australia. Let’s not forget, education must and should uplift us from poverty.

Kazi si KAZI Elect people whose only claim to power is because they are owed debts… That’s gifting. Not long ago, same group gifted people power as birthday presents What they didn’t know is that they were gifting their fates, hopes, aspirations etc. Today? Think

Kazi si Kazi There’s need for seriousness. To elect people who want to form government to prove a point to an outgoing President/Govt is to subject your fates to experiments in power. Elect a government that wants to fight Poverty & Diseases from day one. Elect people

Kazi si Kazi Government is constituted to come up with an education system that alleviates poverty. Not a system that burdens parents and kids alike while obfuscating pedagogy. You must think wisely when constituting Government. Accountability ends at the ballot.

Kazi si KAZI Government officials are elected to ensure they shape policies which help the common man, and move people out of extreme poverty. Not sloganeering and definitely not urging people to accept a life of poverty and want, as they and their children move up socially

Kazi si Kazi Do not accept the temptation to surrender to the notion that just because your now sell clothes online, that is enough to turn secure your future. Especially if you hold a degree in economics, or environmental science, or TVET cert on Plant Operations.

Kazi si Kazi The Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya has more resources and clout within government to shape policies that cushion boda boda riders from unfair taxation and unfavourable import policies. A secondary school teacher does not, even if he/she wished so.

Kazi si Kazi. Menial jobs. Mama Safi cleans your clothes to save enough to take her child to school. She knows, for all the respectability given to her washing of your utensils & under garments, she has to return to Kawangware. You live in the safe haven of Lavington.

Kazi SI Kazi. A 23 y/o diplomatic attaché en route to Kenya’s Mission to the UN (New York) is different from a 23 y/o boda boda rider in Moiben. Quality of life. Gross personal happiness. For one, a world under his feet. For the other, a damned world. VOTE WISELY