Crazy Kennar: Content creator without limits

In the world of Kenyan content creators, one person stands out at this point in time. He goes by the name Crazy Kennar, real name Kennedy Odhiambo.

Crazy Kennar’s short skits are hilarious as they are very unpredictable.

I’ve always found myself searching his content in the evening after a hard day’s work just to laugh, and he doesn’t disappoint.

According to his unofficial biographers, Crazy Kennar started acting while in lower primary school and at Class Seven he scooped the best actor award in Nairobi county during the Kenya National Music and Drama Festivals in 2011. It was in high school that he picked comedy courtesy of his teacher. He told Buzz writer Thomas Rajula of his moment of epiphany:

“…I picked up comedy while doing narratives in high school. My teacher then, Mr Andal, discovered my talent when he had me come up with a seven minute script after we had no script four days to the competitions…”, said the online comedian. Together with Stanley Omondi, who was his schoolmate and now part of Tales of Crazy Kennar, they did the narrative together and mastered it. He said it’s at this point that he realized he had a special gift of creating content. Crazy Kennar, who also calls himself the content cartel, started to do what he does best after joining JKUAT.

Speaking on KTN News in March 2020, he revealed that he is an Actuarial Student at JKUAT. He was in his third year.

He insists that he is not a comedian, but a content creator, as he does more than funny short videos.

“I’m not a comedian, naona ni kama una-confuse…so, I produce comedy content most of the time, I’ve done a movie, and I do vines also. That’s why I don’t call myself a comedian’.

Crazy Kennar doesn’t act alone in his videos, mostly posted on his The Tales of Kennar YouTube channel; he has a team of other actors. The other five members who make up the team are: Yvonne Khisa, Bushra Sakshi, Stanley Omondi, Cynthia Wanjiru (Shee) and Stephen Miser (Useful Idiot).

Catch his skits on Twitter, and Youtube