Hacker group CyberWare takes down guy luring children for sex on social media

Social media is awash with deadly sadists and were it not for hacker group CyberWare, a pedophile going by various fake identities such as ‘Thex140’, ‘Gamedivision916’, etc would still be on his evil prowl.

In a YouTube video posted by the group that works like Anonymous, a man named Ahmed Mohamed was exposed

‘Now our message to this sick pedophile lover. You pedophile always fail to hide yourselves from us. Is your IQ zero…?…you cannot hide from us’, the CyberWare hacker group video message goes while revealing all the fake identities the man has used.

The video which exposes the messages the alleged pedophile sent to a girl. It was not easily established if the girl was real or CyberWare had used a click bait.


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Ahmed Mohamed’s face and identity is revealed later on in the video.

‘You decided to impersonate us. Well, not any longer. YOU ATTACKED OUR CHILDREN, WE WILL ATTACK YOU!’, CyberWare says as it concludes the warning message and showed Ahmed Mohamed’s face.

(Note, the world’s social media platforms would frown on the title with the word pedophile in it and censure this post, that’s why I didn’t include it. Let’s fight pedophile)

Here is the 2 minutes video posted by CyberWare most active member Litemods.