Book Review: Parliament of Owls by Adipo Sidang

This has come late but I must have an opinion on this book that I was part of the launch in November 2016.

Indeed, Parliament of Owls is a poetry book done by one of the foremost English speakers in Kenya, I know.

The author is a pan-African thinker and so, the book tackles the topics of politics, of course, corruption, existence, love and hope; there’s music in it. It is a critic, suggestion and a masterpiece.

The poet reels much in the command of English. Adipo enjoys the music from the words flowing through his pen.

The book invites the reader to take a taxi to ‘poetry galaxy to discover verse, reality and music’.

The particular poem that the book is titled is about grand corruption in government. It is loaded in high symbolism, humor but carries a serious message.

Of politicians it says;

“…they hovered like a committee of vultures scavenging

like vultures and pigs! like hyenas and ticks!…”

All Kenyan leaders, and Africa at large love brainless drama instead of delivering to the masses. They are empty, always engaging in prostitution, drunkenness and sleaze.

“Socialite owl makes up her face without making her mind

and she terrifically twerks ceaselessly burning cigar and wine”

It is divided into four parts, firstly, Kingdom of the deranged, which deals in poetry about politics, enigmas, democratic governance, and African torchbearer.

Secondly, the book of love, laughter and lies, tackles relationships. At some point I wondered, where did this bachelor get so many words to entice women, to know heartbreaks.

One of the poems, Love is a Ring was visualised. However, shortened. Read this poem by buying the book.

Thirdly, Poems in D Minor, which delves into the subject of existence, so much for a mixture of many emotions that strings music throughout this section.

Part four, and the last one is title, Weapenry of the Poet, here Adipo, an award-winning author pens much music through his verses. Some message is serious, others a celebration of life, a journey to the place where the poet has reached since having his vision to write.

Throughout the book, the author’s love for English and mastery of it rings true.

Being a lover of poems, the only downside is that the book is too long to read, but with poetry, why should one hurry?

The book is Published by Contact Zones, Nairobi a Project of Native Intelligence.