death and resurrection


life spells too much emptiness

the distance of time ahead promising nothing

nothing at all,

like a parched river bed whose comeback depends on seers

a time of high drought

that lasts for years


other times,

life blinds one with goodness,

thoughts of suffering, only fleeting

‘I have no time for pain and suffering’, the soul whispers to the spirit

every dream capture in exact tranquillity

no opacity,

clarity of enjoyment


death and life,

one must complement the other,

an end signals new beginnings


in between the struggle to be happy


some, get stuck inside the emptiness,

it is their choice to manually terminate existence,

no judgement.

others, fight hard to entangle from emptiness,

this is the true meaning of living

continuous entanglement from emptiness.


this is how it is.

everything is still everything