USA elects Joe Biden as president, a loss for the world in a big way

President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President-elect Kamala Harris

The United States of America elected Joseph R. Biden jr as the 46th President.

It is a big loss for truth in the world.

The country and its media, that often tells the world to have conversation around issues, removed 45th president, Donald J. Trump too early.

We were only beginning to question the foundations upon which our present realities & beliefs are built upon.

The world saw elevation issues such as human trafficking, pedophilia, democracy, and questions of who appointed the USA as the world’s police, but this has now been cut shot as Trump leaves office.

I didn’t always like Donald Trump because I listened to what others, especially the media, told me.

I made a choice to review my stance by truly listening to what he had to say, what he stands for, in mid 2019.

I liked him on the general view.

Fake News and censorship

Why would one wake up in the morning and from the blues accuse global elite of pedophilia, human trafficking and lying?

It doesn’t make sense that the mainstream media is all you want to consume. Have you checked the alternative news?

Have you thought for yourself?

Have you questioned what you’ve always believed?

Have you unlearned, to relearn?

If there’s democracy, why are all the people who speak against and expose some of the topics I have mentioned above end up dead?

Why all the censorship by Big Technology firms (Big Tech)?

In Joe Biden, the world has lost,

In Biden, the world will retain the status quo, that had been before Trump came to the scene.

the status quo means bombing countries for oil and US empire expansion,

status quo means lying with statistics about HIV and other disease numbers for profits,

status quo means interfering with other country’s affairs.

status quo means promoting big oil, yet at the same time saying you are working on climate change

status quo means promoting big pharma, yet at the same time saying you are healing the world. Mmph!

Trump had for better part tried to tell the world, you are not our problem. Am not your president, am the president of USA.

It takes time to change the status quo, and I believed Trump when he told NATO members that the US will not allow their joy-riding off US resources, that, ‘everyone should pay their fair share of protection money’.

Trump further told the whole world, escpecially Mexicans and Muslims, stay in your home.

US was accused of displacing people in the middle east, but did Trump start a war anywhere in the world?

He was cleaning up a bigger mess while under a lot of fake news at home and abroad.

Exposed hypocrisy

Trump exposed the world’s hypocrisy by lifting the ban on some trophy hunting, by lifting the lid on Climate Change’s not so true allegations.

See, why would, for example, elephants number decrease yet there’s a ban on their hunting?

It is hypocritical of the world, a Big CONservation Lie, to create ranches in Africa where they still hunt endangered animals, finish off some so as to engage, for the cameras, that they are trying to save it. Think about Kenya’s 11 rhinos. 😂

Republicans are anti-abortion, anti-gayism, and mostly conservatives. Democrats are the opposite. Brace yourselves for everything goes.

On climate change, Trump just said, it is FAKE NEWS.

Why would he say this? I think he was tired of alarmists who wanted to profit from this, yet they are the same people who pour tonnes of plastic into oceans, cause oil leaks etc.

Biden ascension into the Presidency is a loss to the public debate about these things.

Democrats coming to power in the U.S is a big loss.

Am at peace, am not trying to convince anyone.