4 Insane Twitter blunders by corporates in Kenya

Twitter is one the easiest social media to use, however, sometimes, the lag sets in and one doesn’t really look carefully at which account they are tweeting from; and oops, there goes a tweet that was not supposed to be posted.

That mistake is often made by account administrators, who are required, by virtue of work, to sign into multiple accounts.

These are some of the instances where the respectable corporate accounts have found themselves tweeting nonsense; unrelated content, even porn in Kenya.

  1. NIC Bank

Though there’s nothing like NIC bank anymore, because the bank merged with Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) to form NCBA, there was a time that the bank’s Twitter account admin had had too much betting.

Sportpesa, reflect my account
  1. DSTV

In March 2020, the year of pestilence, coronavirus and lockdowns, the account administrator for DSTV let his/her heart out on how he/she felt about the firm.

DSTV is the (in bold) WORST company…!
  1. KCB Bank Group

KCB Bank Group is one of the biggest banks in the East African region. Headquarter from Kenya, you would think that they hire very smart and patient staff. On 100th December 2019, the banking code training left one of their staff as he/she displayed customer account details that he/she is not supposed to. Was he/she fired for this?

Opps, KCB Bank: Your account balance is…please stop!
  1. Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya’s account Manager sometime in 2019 takes the gold medal for tweeting nonsense. On the internet, we are often warned against clicking links that appear suspicious. But as they say, curiosity killed the cat. The admin of this Telco account clicked on a viral porn link which gives the porn link access to post messages on Twitter. That’s what it did.

“Telkom Kenya, Serving porn”


Just a few hours ago, the Equity Bank Twitter admin, obviously tired from the chaos that has been directed against the thieving Bank in the past two days decided to show a middle finger to a client. Oops, he didn’t deserve it!

What a fingered response? Chei

Second bonus

Today, IEBC chose to show partisanship by repeating Tangatanga wing rallying cry, referring to the BBI as a Burning Bridges Initiative.

The correct name, Building Bridges Initiative – BBI, seeks to iron out issues among Kenyans, since it has always been leaders who for some reason are too bad than Kenyans who vote for them.

I hope you had fun, thank you for reading.

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