Book Review: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

As a lover of poetry, which I began to write in form 2 (not yet a master) I found this book quite engaging.

It is not deep, it is shallow in technical words and rhyming that is so characteristic of poetry, nonetheless, there are some deep poems.

Maybe this is the world we live in; a world where we want quick things, things that are easy to understand.

Ms Kaur makes writing poems fun.

She tackles the subject of human emotion of hurt, pain and healing from those.

The Canadian poet rose to fame through this book published in 2014. It has four chapters the hurting (deals in some serious subjects such as sexual abuse and emotional abuse in general), the loving (trying to find love so as to escape the hurt), the breaking (not finding love and thus disappointments) and the healing (learning to love one’s self and finding oneself)

Kaur’s poetry has been dubbed by the Huffington Post as essential reading for women everywhere due to her engagement with gendered yet universal themes such as sexism, abuse, trauma, sexual violence, and friendship.

How did she manage to be famous in such a tightly controlled world of poetry?

Milk and Honey: About the book

Kaur’s fame comes first from being a social media giant on Instagram, the rise of visual poets ‘Instapoets’. Her over a million followers were captured by the simplicity of her words, her bravery in courting controversy in topics such as menstruation etc.

She has another poetry book titled the sun and her flowers which I bought way before buying Milk and Honey.

I recommend this book for women and feminists and all those who understand hurting, loving, breaking down and finding healing.

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