Covid-19: The world ended on 27th March 2020

Haven’t you already realized, that there’s a new normal?

That nothing like what we were used to, is coming back anytime soon, maybe forever.

Children cannot go to school, if they do, they have to wear a mask, carry a hand sanitizer and keep some distance in their sitting arrangement at school.

What is particularly disturbing is that, how do you get kids in the lower grades to wear a mask for 10 hours, be able to not touch their face, eyes and mouth or worse still, not lose their masks?

How do you even fit them all at a distance of 1.5 metres from each other inside indequate, some dilapidated school infrastructure?

It is hard; the logistics are tough.

On the back of it all, Covid-19 (Sars-Cov2) is not a deadly disease and whichever countries it has ‘ravaged’, there seems to be no consensus.

In Italy, it was reported that the people received a Flu vaccine prior to 2020. Now, vaccines are not always safe and can go either way, according to doctors.

Some doctors have said Italy’s high ‘COVID-19’ deaths is  (1) due to the old age of the population (2) they were in their annual death season (3) the flu vaccine made it worse, it made it easier for people to die, reports indicated that any death is reported as a Covid-19 death.

The last part ‘any death is reported as a Covid-19 death’, is especially rampant in all the countries that have had high Covid-19 deaths e.g. USA.

At home in Kenya, it is beginning to emerge that the ‘any death is a COVID-19’ death bandwagon is gaining steam.

Some doctors described this as a means to make the novel coronavirus look more dangerous than it is.

Doctors have questioned that qualification for death.

There’s an agenda

All in all, Covid-19 seems to a low mortality rate disease, not worst than Pneumonia. Yet, here we are locked down for more than 70 days, the mentality of some have shifted and those who see it truly see that the world ended with the first lockdown as it will never be the same again.

‘I feel sad, I feel anxious, everything is boring and uncertain. The world is boring’ said a friend to me.

Imagine that.

The world ended on March 27th 2020