#BlackLivesMatter: the religion of white supremacy

The religion of white supremacy

Who are white people? Answer, people with pale skin whose ancestry is Europe, they include Great Britain, France, Portugal, North America (Canada and USA), Australia, New Zealand, Germans, Scandinavia, and until recently Italians were considered blacks.

White supremacy is the only religion that is not a religion; white supremacy doctrine brainwash people all over the world to paint white people as good and all the other races as backward, poor or primitive or savages.

There’s a book that shows that Mansa Musa’s pictures as white.

Something curious about Egyptology

The study of Egypt is called Egyptology. Now egyptology was commissioned by white people, first,  so as to take credits for the works and civilization that was not theirs. Secondly, so as to make the stories in the Christian holy book appear true.

I will only discuss the first aspect of my assertion above about Egyptology. Briefly, Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt but white people chose Egypt because previously black-skinned men who through selective breeding became brown-skinned conquered that land and this makes it easy to white-wash the history of black people who lived in Egypt in the years when the ancient civilization thrived and christen them to having been white.

Mansa Musa, the richest man to have ever lived. He was African, black African

If you don’t believe, why is there no Zimbabwenology (we had great empires here), Southafrican-nology (empires were great here), Mali-nology (the great people who studied astrology and universities started here).

The colour-coding of the world

According to Dr Frances Wess Cresling, psychologist who dedicated her life to awakening black folk, the color codes and level of acceptance in a white world

Black – Get back

Brown – Stick around

Yellow – you’re mellow

White –you’re alright

Many people think that anybody with white skin such as Asians, Russians, Latinos are considered white. Nope. That is not how the world is structured, my friend.

You never educate a person you wanna dominate. – Quote

You cannot define whiteness from a genetic point of view, because certain people who are white now (or honorary whites) weren’t white 60 – 100 years ago.

White supremacist when their numbers are dwindling, they allow other people, who have a skin- colour similar to theirs to identity as whites – Tariq Nasheed

Now, the doctrines of White Supremacy which is nearly the same as light-skin supremacy are these:

Rule 1: Keep the people confused as to what racism is

Rule 2: Keep the positive contributions of black people hidden

Rule 3: Do not allow white women and children to be exempt from the effects of white supremacy

Rule 4: Use compromising blacks to maintain white supremacy

Rule 5: The black population must always be controlled

Rule 6: Minimize the effects and significance of slavery and Jim Crow

Rule 7: Create policies to keep blacks economically non-competitive.

SOURCE: Hidden Colors documentary part 3: Rules of Racism . Click here to buy the five-part eye-opening documentaries by Tariq Nasheed.

“As men of color the world seeks to control your feelings, thoughts, and opinions, even your own women, who’re also praying on your ignorance. Black men you are surrounded by your enemies prepare yourselves for war.” – Dr. Frances Cress Welsing

One more thing, in the religion of white supremacy (part 4 of the documentaries), there are commandments. According to the documentary by Tariq Nasheed, these are:

Commandment 1: Thou shall hide our racist beliefs behind other religions.

Commandment 2: Thou shall re-write the history of melanoid people

Commandment 3: Thou shall sacrifice melanoid people by killing and harming them at will

Commandment 4: Thou shall use germ warfare on melanoid people

Commandment 5: Thou shall lie, cheat and steal, if it will maintain the system of white supremacy.

Commandment 6: Thou shall keep resources away from melanoid people

Commandment 7: Thou shall use sexual relationships as a weapon against melanated people

Note: The contribution of white people in the world is mostly, rape, plunder lies, deceit and destroying the balance between man and nature. The world is in trouble not because of Africans but because of whites., and they’ve used movies to try to wipe out their true history but copying or mimicking other races histories.

Where did the books that were in the Libraries at Alexandria Egypt and Timbuktu in West Africa go? Answer, some accounts claim that they were stolen and they are sitting somewhere in a Library in Vatican, ready for white people to steal and say they were the first to think or invent this and that.

Egypt was black like a tar.

Tariq Nasheed, also known as Tariq Elite, King Flex, and K-Flex, is an American film producer, and media personality


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