Miguna Tackles Ndii

There’s a war of words going on on social media.

This battle of wits pits Economist David Ndii and Lawyer Miguna Miguna.

It all started after David Ndii woke up one morning and started that Luos are cheap in reference to an appointment of a Kikuyu to the CEO of National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) other than the acting Luo Nicodemus Odongo.

The phrase ‘Luos come cheap’ elicited a wide ranging debate which the lowly plus the high and mighty pertook.

Enter one Miguna, a Canada – based Lawyer and Luo. Most tweeps had expected him to come to the rescue.

Because, a few days before, David Ndii had twice decimated a Kalenjin lawyer and Billionaire, Donald B. Kipkorir, the good-hearted and boastful, over whether to print money or not. Ndii in a classic tweep troll, christened Kipkorir Sonko Malong baptising him with a LLB in Wash Wash.

Donald B. Kipkorir, Lawyer

Kipkorir had beaten a hasty retreat and blocked Ndii on Twitter. He licked his wounds in occasional jabs at Ndii which did not excite.

However, when the no-holds-barred Miguna Miguna appeared on the horizon, someone should’ve warned the now cocky Ndii to back down and hide.

He did not and paid for it.

The man who had beaten his chest after knocking out Kipkorir was given a dose of two tweets from Miguna; Twitter immediately lit up.

To announce that he had been beaten badly, the world renowned Economist resorted to the age old gay Kikuyu theory about foreskins.

Miguna Miguna, Lawyer

Miguna’s responses

It only took a christening of him the name Auma to make him go mad.

He had called a whole lawyer of great standing Sonko Malong LLB Wash Wash but him being called Auma, a female Luo name made him insult Miguna as uncircumcised.

Most Kenyans shared that David Ndii had found his match.

The wind was knocked out of him, he resorted to name calling and repeatation, unlike when he was cocky against Kipkorir.

Miguna has decimated Ndii and put him in his proper place.

David Ndii, Economist

The debate continues.