Dawa Ya Moto Ni Moto

Suffering is part of life and no one can escape the times when everything seems to go wrong.

I use the word seems because one man’s problem is another man’s outlook of no problem.

Most often people fall into depression because their life has become hard such that they don’t know what to do anymore.

When you reach the end of your road, it means that you have no mental capacity to handle beyond what you’ve known.

It is your known that has come to an end and you are charting uncharted territory. Just like a sailor in rough seas which wasn’t a few minutes past, now washed into new and unknown territories and doesn’t know what to do.

Life is full of ups and downs but trying to understand your down is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Of course we are humans and are given to mourning our predicaments. What is often hard is pulling through though that is what we are often told.

As a person who knows, I believe deep inside our subconscious, we always have solutions for anything and that our learned religions, belief systems and norms are the ones that make the uncharted territories terrible for us until we fall into depression.

For example, I was jobless and with nothing a few years ago and one day after believing in prayers for far too long I decided to put it to the test.

My child fell sick and I didn’t have money to take it to hospital. I had exhausted all the avenues for borrowing some from people who didn’t want to hear from me anymore because I hadn’t returned their money.

I sat in my house, held my child in my hands and said this; to the air

‘You claim to be God and you haven’t given me any jobs. You have given me a wife and a child yet you haven’t given me any money to cater for them. If you like, you can take the child, because I don’t have any money to take it to hospital because you haven’t given me a job’.

After this, I placed the child in bed waiting for the so-called all-powerful God, as I had been taught and feared, to do the most terrible thing I thought he would to me.

Lo! and behold. By midnight the child was well. From that time, I never fear or pray so much. I mostly spend time thinking about all the possible worst scenarios and become strong by them.

I have shunned a life of fear and embraced the life of rationality and acceptance. Acceptance is noting that at the end of all this life, we die.

You know what they say, Dawa ya Moto ni moto.

I argue we fall into many problems because we care too much or we are afraid to test the new territories that fate has put against us.

No situation is hard and if we accept that one day we are no more. We become peaceful by that then we will have fewer scandals and troubles that make us fall into depression.

Just push the boundaries of your resilience, life is what it is.

Have a carefree Sunday (tomorrow).