‘Politicians trade with each other using our blood’ – Dr Wandia Njoya

Following the news that Deputy President of Kenya Dr. William Samoei Ruto was locked out of his official resident, Daystar University Lecturer Dr. Wandia Njoya warns that the drama that is being created ultimately ends with Kenyans paying through their blood.

‘Politicians trade with each other using our blood’, she argues.

Read her post below:

On this Ruto eviction, let us recall the facts.

People DIED in 2007-8.

Ruto and Muigai were named as prime suspects in the blood bath. They were fighting on opposite sides, and Ruto was with Raila at the time.

The accusation then was that Ruto killed Kikuyus and Muigai killed Luos.

Ruto campaigned against the current constitution.

Muigai gave it lukewarm support.

Ruto and Muigai were named as suspects of the crimes against humanity.

Then they became bosom buddies, run on the same ticket after the Supreme Court lacked the balls to declare them ineligible as per our spanking new constitution. They took sides against Raila in 2013 and 2017 elections.

In 2017, Muigai’s government killed Luos using arms and disposing with body bags provided by US Ambassador Bob Godec.

It was 2007 all over again, but we didn’t notice because no Kikuyus were being killed in Rift Valley. Apparently there is no crisis in Kenya when the people who die are not Kikuyu.

In 2019, after a supposed handshake, Raila switched sides, Muigai dumped Ruto.

Now he is evicting Ruto.

Meanwhile, Kikuyu MPs who celebrated the death of Luos in 2017 are now realizing that the ogre of 2007 is now around the corner because he didn’t collect his debt for Kikuyu blood in 2017.

In 2013, we said that TNA is a covenant with death, but TNA-stan said it would rather postpone the problem for 10 years. It’s not even 10 years.

In 2017 the election was openly rigged, but Uthamakistan danced in the streets singing “tutaiba tena.”

The common thread in this story is that politicians trade with each other using our blood. I don’t know about other Kenyans, but I believe that life is much, much more worth than being reduced to political currency for politicians to trade with each other. Our life is given to us by God, but politicians are playing with it like marbles.

We have to want a new person, other than these 3, to take over the presidency. But every time Mwalimu Mutemi Wa Kiama suggests someone, you all go ballistic, saying why none of them can win. When Miguna uses the rudeness that anyone requires to stand up to this nonsense, you say he’s too arrogant.

Honestly, if King Kaka or Schaeffer Okore ran for office today, I would vote for them. If and only if I vote in 2022, I’m going to either draw a cartoon on my presidential ballot, take a photo and tweet it, or I’m going to vote anyone younger than me. My generation is full of shit and can’t take Kenya anywhere. We are just mark timing, learning the old habits of colonizers, because we were taught not by colonizers, but by home guards, and we’re hoping to implement those colonial habits “properly” because, we cheat ourselves, “the problem isn’t policy, it’s implementation.” That’s why we are settling for jobs as technocrats and regulators. As Binyavanga used to say, that’s crap.

And then we celebrate foul-mouthed regulators like Matiang’i and Magoha as leadership material. These guys are just implementing bs systems that can never work. Stop deluding yourselves.

Let someone YOUNG, with no experience, get in there, we will all raze this nonsense to the ground and we start again. But no. We want to shed our blood for theives. Like we’ve done before.

This is a very toxic political culture we have in Kenya, where we hate the current crop of politicians but don’t want anyone else. And yet we will die, Kenyans. We will die. These shenanigans will kill us again.

But we seem not to value our lives enough to want an end to this. That is the part I really don’t get.

Explain it to me like a 5 year old.