No, not one!

Our current modern disposition rests as in all humanity,

The message of brotherliness within died minutes ago.

Choked and strangled by the serpent which at our dawn

began to coil around our tree of being.

We made noise, but it wasn’t strong enough…


Now, we raise our voices again,

After decades of accepting subjugation,

After swimming in tandem with the serpent’s idea.

Our protests recede back into time’

And reveal in black and white, our Pharisaic essence.

It uncovers a debate between serpents

Each accusing the other of deceit.

They are sounds of encouragement,

Voices of cheering on each other,

To this road of freedom we have taken on lately-free from conscience.


No difference.

We are alike, we are brothers…


Our children,

Our youths

Mothers and fathers-our parents

March possessed towards the alluring sea

The sea which promises and boasts of all that could be invented.

We believe.

That every disabled

(More so, mentally)

Are fit for stagnation.


Yes, not one.

Even our learned- empathise with my situation to be counselled.

Am surely phobic

Yet they force me to show them my all-I refused

But they tore me down anaesthetically,

And rob me of my ego. My manhood!


I have no love; (pause)

We have no love, (pause)

I feel no love. (Pause)

Nobody loves me. (Pause)

Nobody (pause)

No, (slight pause) not one.


17 November 2006