God, you know me

Walking away wide awake,

I trespass and stumble upon a cloud;

Tranquil and lonely.


In the middle of my emptiness I search for an answer deep within

And sense brotherhood

Both of us; cloud and me

Share an abode and destiny.

High up in the blue sky

Travelling alone convinced

Yet me down here on earth

Walking home alone on an empty path

Forgotten and forsaken.


Is it not these condition God?

That pulls me away from commons (life)

To an haven high above imagination

Is it not these?

That always extracts me from love.

Is it not these?

That welcomes me to cowardice and thoughts of suicide.



May your hour of grace abound on empty souls.

And please be merciful on longing hearts.

For all that is left is an empty shell,

Flirting with thoughts of hell.

Torment me not.


23rd November, 2006