The Secrets of the Romans

The sun appeared and conquered the moon,

It was a fete never had been seen for ages,

But nonetheless it was here

Another succession after years of another which had succeeded yet another

Having succeeded other,


It was more apparent that this was the strongest and the vilest of the others,

To rule was through cunning, coercion and carnage

It sailed through as Constantine incorporated and the flock slackened.


The sun was at its height, while another only a king rose and blacked it out,

Its dark time had come as it has done to the world;

-coning the world out of the scriptures.

The claimer of majesty above all, slaughtered like a goat

A sacrifice to the French goddess of reason.


However, after many years of clandestinity

The eclipse lapsed and the mighty scheming made mightier, rose like a phoenix,

The world in awe watched as another criminal exalted this mystic beast from the past

A crown was given and the journey from noon commenced.


The world has bowed danced without knowledge

To the dictation of the strings that perpetuate strife

Pulled behind the façade of aids by merchants of this.

Soon near the end, every power will be thrown out.

The only star in the sky of ‘goodness’ will remain this

And this,

is all along the stealth desire of the Romans.


2nd March 2007